I started designing websites at 14 years old with a nonprofit called WeStopHate; designing their website, photographing merchandise, and creating artwork for them – all before I could drive a car. Since I’ve grown, my training has continued with an Associate’s Degree in Digital Media Communications; which covered a variety of topics including marketing, graphic design, photography, video editing, web design, creative copywriting, and small-business management.

After college I began sharing my art through YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Looking for something fun to do after class, I began working at a tropical fish store. After five years in aquarium maintenance, my passion took over when I was offered a position designing full-time for a social media company.

During this time, I took several SEO courses, learned about app & UI development, designed products – and moved to Olympia! I instantly fell in love with this city, and a little houseplant store called Underhill Plants. My work with Underhill even helped them receive the 2022 Downtown Design Award!

Olympia’s passion for art has fueled my creativity more than ever before, and I truly value the authentic spirit of this community.

photo by london rilantos


Millions of people have engaged with the content I’ve created for various brands, small businesses, and even myself. Making high-quality, unique, and engaging content that inspires people to take action, fuels my passion.

With creative marketing, beautiful visuals, and an authentic voice – your brand can grow larger than ever before. My goal is always to make your audience more engaged, while bringing your unique vision to life.

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Olympia, Washington